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A silly but well-informed podcast exploring everything and anything related to friendship. Why is it so hard to make friends as adults? Can friends be "soulmates" too? Join in as two graduate students try to find the answers.

Friendly is released on alternating Sundays and is hosted by Shrinkhala Dawadi and Sarah Nason.

Aug 28, 2017

The fantastical season 1 finale is here! Appropriately, we talk all about keeping in touch: how often do you need to talk to someone for it to "count"? Does role-playing as Harry Potter help? For the first time in this podcast's history, we even do some Questionable Statistics on our own friends to explore how we...

Aug 14, 2017

Hello and welcome to a very special episode of the Friendly Podcast!

If you consume online media, you've probably come across this personality type before. The man who eschews traditional norms of masculinity. He's not afraid to talk about his emotions, has a cool, self-eraciating ~post-meme~ sense of humour, and is...

Aug 1, 2017

Hey pals! Your good buddies Shrinkhala and Sarah are back at it again with a case study on friendships in the 2011 hit movie Bridesmaids! 

Do the bridesmaids actually have any friends? Do we buy the whole nice guy act from the movie’s main love interest? Would you be friends with a sociopathic but rich and...