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A silly but well-informed podcast exploring everything and anything related to friendship. Why is it so hard to make friends as adults? Can friends be "soulmates" too? Join in as two graduate students try to find the answers.

Friendly is released on alternating Sundays and is hosted by Shrinkhala Dawadi and Sarah Nason.

Mar 5, 2018

Watch out, This American Life, because Friendly just launched its first ~narrative style episode.

Anyone with siblings knows that the sibling dynamic is...tenuous at times (i.e. you often want to render unspeakable violence on to each other). But it's also a dynamic that changes over time, ideally becoming cordial, and possibly even turning into a friendship.

How does this change happen? Are your hosts friends with their siblings? And how does making frog soup fit into the brother-sister relationship?

Your intrepid hosts conduct interviews and engage in deeply philosophical discussions to find out. 

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